“And don’t forget your cap” You have probably already heard this emblematic remonstrance of our childhood. This led us to consider the object as a simple utility accessory to protect yourself from the sun or as the only great sportsmen and Hollywood celebrities could wear it with style. But From catwalks to streetstyles, models and other trendy girls willingly wear caps.

Did you know? In the 19th century, the cap was a popular accessory in the working class. Besides, the writer Gustave Flaubert dressing up his character. Then, it became the students’ accessory, a military headwear and a best friend for sportsmen.

MY BOB inducts originality and traditions from over of the world. The collections are inspired by travels around the world. The BASEBALL CAP is made in China.

Try it and you will love it!

Each hat is delivered in a soft MY BOB cotton bag to protect or avoid distortions.

  • Handmade in China with 100% Velvet
  • Delivered with his nice cotton MY BOB bag
  • Can be customised with MY BOB handmade feather- and embroidered brooches

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