KWAST Key Ring


Handmade macramé key-ring or bag jewellery brings you a bohemian touch and a different style from the hippie chic 70s trend. With this colourful key-ring you personalize your bag or never lose your keys. This key-ring is perfect for special occasions too.


Did you know? Macramé is an ancient art and crossed cultures and countries. It appeared during the 13th century in the Middle East. This form of creation was transported to Spain, then it travelled around Europe.
It was appreciated by the court of England, especially by Queen Mary. Sailors have played an important role in keeping this art alive. From China to America, they sold or trailed their own macramé achievements made during the long months on the sea.


MY BOB inducts originality and traditions from over of the world. The collection of key-rings is inspired by travels, here from the Celtic knots made by the Scottish sailor men.


Each key-ring is delivered in a nice cotton MY BOB bag to make it more special. It is an original gift.


  • Size : 23cm
  • Handmade in Italia
  • Delivered in a small and delicate cotton bag

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